Start a Story

Here’s a new idea for family night: storytelling. Stories encourage imagination, creativity and empathy. (They’re also a great way to share family history.) These printable story prompts will get you started. Family members can write individual stories or collaborate on one together. After you entertain one another by reading them aloud, take them on the road to cheer up a sick or lonely friend.
Talk to your child:

  • Who is your [our] story about?

  • What problem or challenge is your [our] main character tackling? How could your [our] character have acted differently? How would that change the story?

Book to share: Elementary Writing: 49 Story Starters for Kids. This fun list of story prompts, at, will give you endless ideas for stories.  Other writing resources include self-esteem builders, seasonal activities, and weekly tips for kids who love to write.