Use your child’ screen time to practice etiquette! We've all been frustrated by people talking on cell phones during dinner or a movie, blocking our view by taking videos of a school concert, or texting while driving. Point out how such rude (or dangerous) behavior impacts other people - and model positive behaviors yourself. When your children get old enough to have social media accounts, monitor their postings, and provide continual reminders to never use the digital world for unkindnesses and cheap shots.

Talk about it:

  • What do "good technology manners" look like?

  • Work together to develop family rules and guidelines around the safe and courteous use of all types of media.

Book to share: Silence by Lemniscates. Ages 4 and up. This wonderfully illustrated picture book is more a guided mediation than story. You're sure to end the story looking for more ways to step away from technology and bring silence into your life.