Tots Helping Tots (December 5)

One of best things you can do this season is to involve your child in Toys for Tots or other toy-giving charity. If your children are old enough, have them earn part of the money or donate some of their allowance to help pay for the toy. Go together to pick out the toy, and have your child place your gift(s) in the collection box. Talk about the children who will receive the gifts and how they will feel about getting a new toy. Visit Toys for Tots to find your nearest collection spot.

Talk to your child:

  • Was it hard to pick out a toy to give away?
  • What would it be like not to get any gifts for the holidays?

Book to shareGreat Joy by Kate DiCamillo. This sweet, elegant book tells the tale of an organ grinder, his monkey, and the little girl who worries over whether he has a place to go in the storm.