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Assemble Kits for Church World Service

Give the essentials to those in need.

Church World Service (CWS) collects School Kits, Hygiene Kits, Baby Care Kits and Emergency Clean-up Buckets for worldwide distribution to those in need.


Possible recipients

Families in need around the world, such as victims of famine or floods.

What you’ll need

The Church World Service website describes what items are needed for each kit. Cost can be an issue with this project. Consider asking friends and neighbors to “sponsor” your effort or collect donated items for your kits. You might end up with a big-hearted community at your side!


Find your options for compiling and sending your kits at the Church World Service website.


  • Why is it important to learn about issues affecting people in other countries? Do you think we should help people who live far away?
  • How do you think you would feel if you weren’t able to go to school, get to the doctor when you were sick, take a bath or have shoes to wear?
  • What are other ways you could help people who lost things in a tidal wave or an earthquake?


Take it further

  • Kits can be fun! Perhaps your family can invent new kits to make and donate, such as a dog treat kit, a make-my-older-neighbor-smile kit, a welcome-the-new-baby-down-the-block kit, or a help-my-older-brother-get-through-exams kit.
  • Church World Service also sponsors Crop Hunger Walks, each organized by the local community. You can donate, participate or organize a walk.
  • The CWS Best Gift catalog has ideas about donating to purchase animals, food, classes, wells and more for families in need.

Still looking? Here are some creative ways to raise funds for causes in need.