Practice Kindness

Weave acts of kindness into daily family life with these projects, tips, and tools.

Why wait for your next volunteer opportunity?

Empower and inspire your children to live generously by including small activities into your family’s regular routine. They are sure to become a source of everyday joy and comfort for your family.

And because they are fun and (relatively) effortless, you can start right now.

Are you interested in weekly reminders to keep your family kindness practice on track?

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Our Big-Hearted Families™ kindness activities are some of the many free resources available on this site, but as with any mission-based programming, we rely on donations, large and small, to continue these offerings. If you agree there's value in the information and inspiration we offer, kindly consider offering a tax-deductible donation of $25, or any amount that fits your budget. Thank you!