What We Do

Doing Good Together™ (DGT) is a Minneapolis-based national nonprofit that works to make volunteering and service, along with daily kindness, easy for every family.

Our Mission: Empowering families to raise children who care and contribute.

As a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, Doing Good Together™ was founded in 2004 on the belief that when parents engage with their children in community service, they pass along the spirit of giving and goodness to their sons and daughters, strengthen their families, and create a new generation of volunteers, philanthropists, and kind, caring adults.

We are funded by the generosity of individual and corporate donations and grants, along with the sale of our kindness-themed products and services.

Each time we come together as a family to practice kindness or serve others, we have an opportunity to teach our children that every human being has worth, that we are stewards of this planet, and that the world is a better place when we care for others and they care for us.
— Jenny Friedman, Doing Good Together™ Founder/Executive Director

Support our mission and ensure our organization can help families for generations to come! 

What We Offer

  • Engaging workshops for parents; faith, business, or civic groups; educators; and volunteer managers

  • Doing Good Together™ Family Service Fairs -- a fun volunteer event with simple, hands-on service projects that benefit nonprofit organizations

  • Customized materials for organizations wanting to strengthen, expand, or launch their family service initiatives

  • Presentations at state and national conferences; exhibitions at volunteer fairs and conventions

  • One-on-one assistance to organizations and families around the country through materials, phone calls, and personal emails

  • Contributions to parenting websites and publications