Color-a-Smile: A Year-End Tradition

Send children's art to Color-a-Smile instead of the recycle bin! This wonderful, nonprofit organization accepts all standard-sized kids drawings and sends them on to nursing homes, meals-on-wheels recipients, hospitals, and other individuals in need of a smile.

Words Matter: Harness the power of poetry.

At Doing Good Together, we know how the right turn of phrase can encourage more kindness. We know how a great book can cultivate empathy, opening a child up to the feelings and experiences of a stranger. And just in time for the last weekend of National Poetry Month, we have added a new project harnessing the power of poetry for good.

It's Time to Celebrate: DGT™ is empowering more families than ever!

After more than a dozen years empowering parents to raise caring kids, Doing Good Together is seeing more compassion than ever in the lives of the families we reach. All over the country, we're hearing from families excited by the impact our resources are having. This week we offer a few simple ways you can help us celebrate!

Pre-K Kindness: Tools for Our Littlest Do Gooders

I’ve been working with Doing Good Together for a long time, long enough to know how important it is to grow strong roots of kindness and courage before that first day of school. Habits of kindness will help forge new friendships. Regular volunteering gives kids a strong sense of empowerment, as they see themselves as helpers. This self-reliance translates to courage in the classroom, as well as on the playground.

How to Quiet Distractions and Focus on Doing Good

Sharing compassion with others meets critical needs in our communities, even as it heals our spirits. With each act of service, our families can be a force for love and kindness, helping to heal our fractured country and connect meaningfully with those around us.

And along the way, our children will discover what it means to live an engaged and compassionate life.