Who We Are

We work hard to make the world a kinder place for every generation.

Doing Good Together helps kids of all ages

Our mission is unique and deeply layered. We provide tools to both families and organizations to help them raise compassionate, engaged children. Our innovative activities, resources, and support help make empathy and "giving back" a natural part of life's early lessons.

Doing Good Together™ Staff and Volunteer Coordinators

Although we have limited resources, we accomplish an enormous amount of good work because our small staff puts their hearts into their work. We are also thankful to have a strong force of volunteers and supporters who believe in DGT™’s ideas for instilling compassion and caring into today’s children and teens. 

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Doing Good Together™ Board of Directors

We're thankful for the expertise and commitment of our Board of Directors. With their guidance, we are able to nurture and grow our organization so it reaches more families and serves as a valuable resource now and in the future.

Meet our Board of Directors

Meet our Partners in Service

We've consulted with a variety of organizations to create customized products, events, activities, and user guides.