Why We Matter

We matter because kindness matters.

In a culture that so often appears to reward materialism and greed, practicing kindness and serving others as a family is a powerful way to pass on the values of empathy, thoughtfulness, and social responsibility. But its benefits go beyond growing more compassionate, engaged kids. When we intentionally focus on “giving back,” we address real, immediate community needs; bring joy, longevity and health benefits to our families; and create hope for the planet’s future by instilling the spirit of giving in a new generation.

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See for yourself what a difference kindness makes!

With help from DGT™, you can raise kind and caring kids! Try the tools in our popular Big-Hearted Families™ Program, host a unique Family Service Fair, invite us to speak at your next Workshop or Presentation, and of course, find resources for Family Volunteering in your area.