Advocate for Animals

Advocate for Animals

Raise your voice for   endangered creatures.

Encourage your child to use his or her voice to protect endangered animals with this unique project. This combination of an art project and an advocacy letter is an excellent introduction to active citizenship. And together, our advocacy can lead to meaningful changes for our creature neighbors.


Possible recipients

The creatures that benefit when you ask elected officials to protect them.

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What you’ll need


First, choose an animal friend in need of help.

  • Take half an hour or so to learn about endangered animals.
    Discover endangered animals in your state by visiting the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.

  • Or take a global view and choose an animal from the World Wildlife Federation's complete global species list.

  • Help your child choose an animal to champion. As your child gets to know the animal friend, be sure to answer these questions:

    • Why is this animal endangered?

    • What is this animal's greatest threat?

    • What can our leaders do to help keep them from going extinct?

Second, illustrate the problem.

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  • Gather drawing materials and create artwork featuring your chosen animal and its greatest threat.

  • Or print our our Animal Advocacy printable and create your artwork there.

  • Be sure your child signs their name and age.

Third, write a letter to your elected official.

  • Look up your congressional leaders here.

  • Write a letter asking your official to support policies that protect the animal you've chosen and stop the biggest threat to its survival.

  • Or, fill out the comment areas on our Animal Advocacy printable.

  • Mail or scan and email your creation to your elected leaders.

  • Post the name, email address, phone numbers, and photo of your elected leaders in a prominent place - perhaps the refrigerator - in case your family has future issues to bring up.

  • If you get a response, post that as well!


  • What does it mean when a species is endangered, vulnerable, or critically endangered? Read about it o
  • What are some things we can start doing right now to make a difference for endangered animals? Check out Conserve Energy Future's article "20 Extraordinary Things You Can Do to Save Endangered Species" for ideas.
  • Why should people try to prevent animal extinction? Why does it matter if an animal becomes extinct?
  • Take the World Wildlife Federation's quiz and find your inner animal. Why do you think animals inspire us and spark our imagination so easily?
  • What are other ways we can show animals we love them?


  • A Boy and a Jaguar by Alan Robinowitz
    Meet Alan, a boy who loves animals. In fact, he struggles with a stutter unless he's speaking to animals. Alan has to overcome his stutter and find his voice when he encounters a zoo whose animals are in a sad state. Can one young voice make a difference?

  • Gamba - An Optimistic Mountain Gorilla Tale by DJ Burk
    Gamba is busy learning everything a gorilla needs to know to thrive with her family in the wild until tragedy strikes. Although people were responsible for Gamba's hardship, the kindness of humans also helps him in the end. This book will start a thoughtful conversation about how humans can make things better for animals.

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