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Be a Citizen Scientist

Participate in research with

Thanks to smart phones, computers, and evolving technology, you can discover, learn about, and contribute to scientific research projects from anywhere in the world. creates a shared space where people of all ages can get involved with the scientific process and scientists can crowd source new data.

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Possible recipients

Choose one among hundreds of research projects searchable through Some are online only. Others get you out into nature. Still others put you to work analyzing results.

What you’ll need

  • Computer with internet access

  • Other supplies vary depending on the project you choose


  1. Register for a free account with

  2. As a family, browse available projects based on location and interest area. Educational projects with extra learning tools are available too.

  3. Choose a project and follow its instructions.

  4. Rate and review the project to inspire other citizen scientists.


  • What did you learn about citizen science? Do you think it is important or exciting? Why or why not?

  • What projects did you find most interesting? What projects did you find least interesting?

  • What project did you select and why? What do you think its impact will be?

  • Once you've completed your project, think of one or two related ideas you are curious about? How would you find the answers to those questions?

  • What are the limitations and possible challenges of engaging citizens in scientific research?

  • What are the benefits to encouraging citizens to participate in science?


Part of the incredible  Lab Series , this edition will inspire your whole family to bring science to your time outside.

Part of the incredible Lab Series, this edition will inspire your whole family to bring science to your time outside.

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