Create a gratitude garden to appreciate the joys in your life.

Craft a Gratitude Garden

Turn gratitude into a tangible paper garden.

By taking the time to notice and appreciate good things in your life, you'll teach children to cultivate gratitude all year round.

What you’ll need

  • Our printable template for a Gratitude Garden sign, and for our flower petals.

  • A variety of beautiful paper. Magazine, reused wrapping paper, or newspaper print work, as well as construction and scrapbook paper.

  • Recycled container for your garden – a tin can is perfect, a cracker box with the top half cut off works well too.

  • Markers

  • Glue or tape

  • Buttons, fabric, pipe cleaners, or other embellishments


  • Print our templates.

  • Decorate the gratitude fence and glue or tape it to your base.

  • Cut simple petal shapes out of your favorite decorative paper.

  • Cut stems in various lengths (6” to 12”) out of repurposed cereal or pasta boxes.

  • Reflect: what are you grateful for? Write one thing on each petal.

  • Place your garden somewhere nearby, along with any leftover petals and stems. Remember to add to it from time to time, perhaps after family dinner or during a weekend morning over coffee and cocoa.

Reflection Questions

  •  As quickly as you can, list 20 things you are grateful for.

  • List one thing you are grateful for that indulges each of your senses.

  • List something you are grateful for in every season (or month).

  • Why is it so easy to forget the many things we are grateful for when we discover something new that we desperately want?

  • How can we remind ourselves to be satisfied with the good things already in our lives?

  • What if we woke up tomorrow and only had the things we expressed gratitude for today? What should we be sure to add to our gratitude garden?


Take it further

  •  Begin dinner conversations with a discussion of gratitude. Consider asking one another Who did you help today? And Who helped you today? to get the conversation headed the right direction.

  • Bring supplies for this project to family gatherings and let everyone get in on the gratitude practice; then use your creation as the centerpiece.

  • If you have a few minutes, take a look at your gratitude garden and write someone a quick thank you note inspired by the garden. Maybe that toy grandma gave you last year became a favorite, maybe your kindergarten teacher’s advice made a difference to you recently, now is a good time to tell them and brighten their day!

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