Story Starters

Story Starters with Heart

Encourage imagination and empathy.

Storytelling is the basic tool we have for stepping into the shoes of someone else. These printable story prompts are great for family night, class activities, or even a creative play date. Turn your final products into a storytelling festival!

What you’ll need

  • Pick your printable story starter:

o Superhero

o How Can I Help?

o What if all people were selfish?

o If I were a (your favorite animal)…

o Your Story (blank)

  • Colored pencils, pens, crayons, or markers
  • White paper


  • Print a few pages of your favorite story starter.
  • Decide whether you’ll write your stories alone or collaborate as a family.
  • Discuss the story prompt with your child to get some ideas flowing.
  • Write and illustrate your story, adding more pages as needed.


  • Who is your story about?
  • What problem or challenge is your main character tackling?
  • How could your character have acted differently? How would that change the story?


  • 101 Drama Games for Children: fun and learning with acting and make believe by Paul Rooyackers (Hunter House, 1997). Ages 7 and up. Tell your story with drama and play rather than writing, with these fun and innovate games the whole family can play.
  • Elementary Writing: 49 Story Starters for Kids. This great list of story prompts by will give you endless ideas for new stories. Also check out their other writing resources including self-esteem builders, seasonal activities, and weekly tips for kids who love to write.

Take it further

  • Homemade stories can be a great way to cheer up a sick or lonely friend. Make a gift of your creation.
  • Work together as a family to create a unique, collaborative story.
  • Share your story with the world. Scan your story into the computer and send us an e-mail at the BIG-HEARTED FAMILIES™ PROGRAM. We’ll post your story, along with others on our gallery. Don’t forget to include your age, first name, state, and scan a picture of your creation.

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