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Who's the big-hearted hero in your life?
Say "thank you" with a donation to DGT™ in his name this Father's Day

He helped you build character, taught you the importance of integrity, and was an example of kindness and caring. Thank Dad with a donation to DGT™, and we'll email a PDF Father's Day e-card announcing your generous gift.

Donate by 6/14, and we'll email this Father's Day card (PDF) announcing your generous gift in Dad's honor.

Donate by 6/14, and we'll email this Father's Day card (PDF) announcing your generous gift in Dad's honor.

Every big-hearted donation matters.

Individual donors* are critical to Doing Good Together’s efforts – providing the tools families need to live generously. Your tax-deductible contribution helps provide support and information to parents who want to inspire their kids to care, strengthen their families, and make a positive difference in their communities. And that translates into a better world for all of us! 

As illustrated in our 2017-18 Annual Report, we are diligent stewards of all donations, with program development accounting for more than 75% of our expenses.

Kindly consider becoming a monthly donor.

Monthly donors are our most passionate and committed supporters. It’s the easiest and most efficient way to help DGT, helping us save money and budget more effectively. Your monthly gift makes you a hero to DGT™ just as Dad has been a hero to you. 

Monthly giving is also great for you! Here’s why:

  • It’s simple! Sign up once, and you’re done! Each January you’ll receive a letter with your total giving for the year and highlighting the accomplishments your donations helped us achieve.

  • You’ll have fun. Big-Hearted Heroes are invited to special events and provided with behind-the-scenes information about DGT.

  • You can give more. Giving monthly allows you to make a more significant gift over time than you might be able to make all at once. And you can change or stop your donation at any time.

*All donations are tax deductible. Doing Good Together™ has tax exempt status from the IRS under code 501 (c)(3).  Be sure to indicate "one-time" or "monthly" in the Donation Schedule on the form above.  All donations will be acknowledged by a "thank you" confirmation as a receipt for your records. Please contact Laurie Levi with any questions.