St. Anthony Park Co-Op Preschool

The Challenge

This nurturing, parent-run preschool, with a strong ethic of family involvement,  wanted to distinguish itself as a program focused on fostering kindness, empathy and service in children.

DGT's Solution...

To assist the preschool in becoming a model for family philanthropy, DGT:

  • Helped organize an annual Family Service Fair for parents and children.

  • Offered a workshop on how to weave kindness and service into a family’s everyday routines

  •  Provided 25 kindness-themed books, along with conversation cards, for the school library.

  • Suggested fun, engaging service projects that could be integrated into existing curriculum.

  • Created reflection materials for already existing service projects, including the school’s fall Rake-a-Thon and spring food drive. 

  • Provided “kindness tips” for the school’s newsletter.