2016-17 DGT™ Annual Report 

This past year, Doing Good Together had the privilege of creating many new innovative tools,
projects and materials to empower families to raise children who care and contribute. This
report highlights some of these unique programs and resources that allowed us to expand our
impact. Thanks to you, we are changing lives -- both now as families meet critical community
needs -- and for the future as we help grow the next generation of compassionate, generous,
engaged adults.


Thank you, Donors, Volunteers, and DGT™ Board Members

Thank you Donors, Volunteers, and Board Members: We couldn’t be more grateful to all those  who have made this a year of significant growth and impact for DGT. Because of all of you, more families will have the inspiration and tools they need to make kindness and giving a significant part of their children’s early life lessons.

List of our 2016-17 Volunteers and Board Members

List of our 2016-17 Donors


DGT is proud of the organizations that have asked us to collaborate, both here in the Twin Cities and around the country. This past year we have worked with the Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Making Caring Common program, Bright Horizons, Thrivent Financial, Miami-Dade Public Schools, Kinderberry Hill Child Development Centers, The Goddard School, the Iowa Commission on Service, Minnesota Boychoir, Willis Foundation, Twin Cities-based Goddard Schools, and more. It’s been a great privilege to work alongside these partners, and we look forward to further collaboration in the year ahead.

Trending Topics

This past year, DGT has addressed variety of tough topics, such as Death and Grief, to provide families the tools they need to have conversations with their children about challenging issues. In addition, we’ve created unique activities to engage families in kindness (Design and Share Tear-Off Posters, Car Window Poetry), innovative reflection resources (“Little Lessons for Big-Hearted Families.”), and new book recommendations on a variety of big-hearted topics, such winter holidays, poetrydeath & grief, and citizen science

Shop Kind Online Store

We’re proud to have launched our comprehensive Shop Kind web page, a curated, easy-to- browse gallery of kindness-themed products for kids and families.
This is one more way we help families make their lives more big-hearted.

Visit our DGT SHOP KIND online store....

We're growing!

We were excited to have added two new staff positions in 2017. Our first-ever Director of Development, Julia Hanson, has been both strategic and innovative in helping us
meet our philanthropic goals; she will be critical to our continued growth. Our new Director of DGT Silicon Valley, Ashley Raggio, will strengthen DGT’s national presence by deepening our work in Silicon Valley, using the model we develop there as a “blueprint” for expansion in other
key markets.

More Family Service Fairs

We’ve expanded our Family Service Fair program to many more organizations, both locally and nationally. We’re especially proud of a pilot project, funded by the Al and Jane Nahmad Foundation that brings this unique program to the Miami-Dade Public Schools. Our new video illustrates the powerful impact of these events, which provide an “introduction to giving” for families.

Click the image above to view our video (via YouTube) featuring participants from our 2017 DGT Family Service Fairs in Miami-Dade School District.

Click the image above to view our video (via YouTube) featuring participants from our 2017 DGT Family Service Fairs in Miami-Dade School District.


This year, more than ever before, we are aware of how important it is that DGT amplify the message that raising tomorrow’s leaders requires an explicit emphasis on the
values of engagement, empathy, thoughtfulness, tolerance, compassion, and integrity. To meet that challenge, we must be responsible stewards of the financial resources with which we have been entrusted and ensure that as much of it as possible goes toward fulfilling our mission: to empower families to practice kindness and serve others together.

Click here for details on our 2016-17 Financials.

2016-17 Volunteers

Chris Aerts

Jennifer Alviar

Garrett Backes

Marisa Berglund

Shala Buckner

Rachel Chrastil

Rocky Chrastil

Katrina Cockle


Lauren Feldkamp

Amy Glaus

Gary Glaus

Megan Glaus

Anne Hable

Michael Henley

Kira Hower

Adam Johnson



Sarah Johnson

Junior League of Minneapolis

Marla J. Kinney

Brian McDermott

Steve Michels-Boyce

Becky Nahvi

Belinda O’Connell

Jill Prevatt


Ashley Raggio

Maryann Reynolds

Karl Schweikart

Gerry Sexton

Natalie Silverstein

Amanda Ungs

David Whitman

Growthworks, Inc.


2016-17 Board Members

Julie Bascom

Michael Birdman

Jana Bruder

Denise Fosse*

* resigned 2017

** joined 2017

Jenny Friedman

Roy Ginsburg

Elizabeth Glaus

Susan Humiston


Cara Johnson-Bader**

Mark Josephs*

Kevin Larabee

Cathy McLane*

Becky Nahvi**

Marty Owens

Jennifer Scholl


2016-17 Donors

Nita and Lonnie Aadland

Sarah and Joe Aadland

Mark Abner

Heidi Adelsman and Mike Everetts

Chris Aerts

Fares Akremi

Albert H & Jane D Nahmad Foundation Inc.

Kristen Alexandrov

Diana and Tad Allard

Jennifer Alviar

Ameriprise Financial

Barb and John Anderson

Bruce and Linnea Anderson

Kristi and Steve Anderson Hermann

Rebecca Anikstein

Jodi Annis

Cathy Aten

Susan Austin

Julie Banker

Eric Barsness

Julie and Duke Bascom

Joan Bechtold and Brian Balleria

Jane Bellis

Michael Birdman and Marissa Gautsch

Debi Bliazis

Andrea Bolstad

Joan and Bob Bonello

Jane Booth-Tobin and Kendra Terry

Kim Bowden

Felicia Boyd

Libby Buckley

Jeannie Buckner

Shala and Dean Buckner

Kristen Cacciatore

Rosalind Camardella

Patrick Cassidy

Candace Cervenka

Paul and Alisia Chesen

Jay Chrastil

Jessica Chrastil

Joe Chrastil and Jean Ingebritsen

Rachel Chrastil

Rocky Chrastil 

Andrea Cohen

Common Ground Meditation Center

Heather Cox

Katie Crandall

Rebekah Crosby

Nathan Cuellar

Gregg and Elizabeth Cummings

Laurie Curry

Jeff and Susan Dee

Kelly Deines

Louise and Dave Delagran

Connie and Carl Dellmuth

Jennifer Dellmuth

Nancy Dellmuth

Gwen and Chuck Denninger

Beth DiPasquale

Meghan Dunbar

Kate Dunn

Tamara Ecklund

Doreen Esposito

Estee Lauder Companies

Cara Feldberg and Phil Bennatyne

Sorelle Feldberg

Nicole Fiftal

Scott Fischmann

Emma Flotterud

Denise Fosse

Laura Friedman and Dan Picus

Leah Friedman

Katherine Fritz

Michelle Frys

Ari Fuad

Alison Gardy

Nicole Garrison

Sarah Fanslau, generationOn

Clifford Genzler

Roy Ginsburg and Anne Damon

Lisa Glaus

Goddard School

Allison Golnik

GRAM Charitable Foundation

Karen and David Grandstand





Michelle Grant

Jennifer Griskevicius

Monica Halem

Urbae Hall

Andrea Halverson

Bonnie and Clayton Halverson

Sharon Hansen

Jean Hanson

Julia Hanson

Patrick Hanson

Cynthia Harper

Marge Hass

Marjorie and Erik Hegstrom

William Heier

Sonja Hendrickson

Michael Henley and Randi Yoder

Jamie Hermes

Mark Hiemenz and Charlie Rounds

Emily Hierlmaier

Susan Hopp and Karl Schweikart

Susan Humiston

Michael Hugo

Jim and Yvonne Sexton Family Foundation

Tina Joens

Sarah Johnson

Bill Jokela and Mary Jane Lipinski

Jones Day

Mark Josephs

Sarah Kalweit and John Dornik

Rishi Kapoor

Mira Kautzy

John Keilholz

Andrea Killory

Ronald and Eva Kinney Family Foundation

Mike and Marcia Kirk

Kirkland and Ellis Foundation

Anne Klein

John and Linda Klein

Tom Klein and Kip Palmer

Michaela Kronlage

Russell Krueger

Anna Kruskop

Marie Kruskop

Jennifer Krzmarzick

Tara Kumar

Lorna Landvik and Charles Gabrielson

Phyllis Lang

Kevin Larabee

Allison Larson

Anne Laux

Mary Lawless

Greg Leder and Tom Glaser

NslieNalie Lee Heidt

Kim Lei

Jill Leverone and Monica Wainio

Laurie Levi

Nancy Levi

Diane Lindquist and Jeff Huggett

Rebecca Sanders Lindquist

Marie Lopez del Puerto

Christine Loth

Daniel Lovhaug

Gary Lynn

Blaine Mably

Nancy Maiello

Krista Margolis

Holly Martin

James Marocco

James and Makenzie McCormick

Carol McCloud

Brian McDermott and Sue Schwartz

Michael and Patricia McFarlane

John McGinnis

Cathy McLane

Elizabeth McLean

Midtown Global Market

Niloofar Mofakhami

Laura Molgaard

Chris Mongeon

Katie and Mark Mortenson


Becky and Alex Nahvi

Diane Nelson

Jim Nelson

Chi Nguyen

Dave and Pat Noren

Julie Noren

Melinda North

Diana O'Connor


Jane and Bob Oberrender

Gloria Olson

Kathleen Oswald

Marty and Brodie Owens

Greg and Christine Paulson

Lisa Percy

Allison and Brian Peterson

Rick Peterson

Julie Phillips

Greg Poduska

Sara Poplack

Lela Porter

OP and Judy Portu

Seema Pothini

Jon Poupard

Patrick Prosen

Leah Quenelle

Nandini Raghavan

Cathy and Ken Raney

Alexia Raynal

Sue Reid

Jamie Lyn Reinschmidt

Erik Resurreccion

Maryann Reynolds

Timothy Reynolds

Shelly Roberts

Gene and Jolene Roehlkepartain

Lisa Rogers

Kari Rosbeck

Gail Rosenblum

Nassim and Federico Rossi

LeeAnn Russell

Rachel Salazar

Amy Saldanha

Matthew Samet

Kirt Schaper

Colleen and Tom Scheck

Valerie Schimel

Sarah Schimmel

Janet Schmidt

Teri Schmidt

Jen Scholl

Amy Schutz

Michelle Seets

Gerry Sexton

Amy Shaw

Mark Shepard

Susan and Patrick Shields

Barbara Shimshock and Mark Miller

Kathleen Shipp

Melissa Shripka

Sylvia Sichol

Diane Siegel

Natalie Silverstein

Jennifer and Daniel Spiller

Sarah Steefle and Jim Moore

Jon Steinberg

Cheryl and Chris Steinhoff

Kari Stern

Micah Stevenson

Deborah Sugerman

Harry and Sue Summitt

TCF Foundation

The Dance Factory

The Lowbrow

Gretchen Thompson

Thrivent Federal Credit Union

Ann Tobin and David Booth

Tamara Torres

United Health Group

Anne and Tom Ulseth

Karla Valusek Strom

Rebecca and Chris van Bergen

Frank Voigt

Mae Wall

Westwood Professional Services

Sandra Whitney

Cindy Williams

Rachel Williams

Willis Foundation

Wings Financial Credit Union - Highgrove Office

Workers' Compensation Reinsurance Association (WCRA)

Mike and Missy Young

Messiah Youssef


DGT™ Financial Report for Fiscal Year 2016-17


Public Support & Revenue                      

Program Fees
Foundation and
Corporate Grants

Total Public Support and Revenue

Number of Donations - 416


$  36,280





Program Development       $122,005

Management and General             14,851

Fundraising           25,045

Total Expenses         $161,901

Net Income          $21,410

Individual donors make up a sizable portion of our income.

Individual donors make up a sizable portion of our income.

Expenses 2016-17.png