Design and Share Tear-Off Posters

Inspire kindness with creative printables.

Grab a cup of cocoa and settle in for a cozy conversation about kindness, compliments, and the ripple-effect big-hearted ideas can have on your community.

What you’ll need

NEW! To print, click images.

NEW! To print, click images.



  • Printable tear-off posters

  • Colored pencils, crayons, or markers

  • Scissors

  • Tacs or taps


First, decorate your posters, then discuss
the ideas.

  • Design the top portion of your posters with cheerful, eye-catching color.

  • Discuss the quotes or activities included on your tear-off poster.

  • Fill in the blank spaces with your own ideas. For inspiration browse 24 Quick Acts of Kindness.

  • Cut slits along the dotted lines.

Next, hang your posters on neighborhood bulletin boards.

  • Where could you hang a poster in your community? Consider bus stops, waiting rooms, libraries, coffee shops, and any community bulletin board.

  • Be sure to ask permission from the store manager.

Reflection Questions

  • Let’s re-read the sentiments expressed on our posters before we tack them up.

  • How do you think it would feel to find these ideas or kindness quests in a public space? Would you take one?

  • How do you think your messages made people feel, even if they just read them while passing by?

  • Why do you think people sometimes walk by litter without picking it up or let the door close behind them even if another person is following?

  • What are other ways we can spread small acts of kindness and beautiful ideas in our community?


Take it Further

  • Share compliments in person. Set a goal to give three compliments a day for a week. Practice finding the good in those around you. Be sure to discuss your compliments at the end of the day. How does it make you feel?

  • Make time to visit seniors in your area and perhaps bring them something beautiful like a drawing or flowers. Many seniors in assisted living communities and nursing homes find themselves feeling lonely and disconnected. Check out DGT's Visit the Elderly project for tips.

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