2017-18 DGT™ Annual Report 

Doing Good Together’s vision is simple, but also transformative: To help create a world in which sharing kindness and helping others is a routine part of family life. We believe that this work is at the core of creating a just and compassionate world. This report recounts how our unique resources and innovative programs continued to inspire families—both in the Twin Cities and around the country—to pass on the critical values of empathy, engagement, and generosity to their children, while also contributing to the common good. This result is stronger families and stronger communities, both for now and into the future.


Thank you, Donors, Volunteers, and DGT™ Board Members

The unique mission of DGT continued to attract the steady commitment of donors, volunteers, and our exceptional board members. Thanks to their support, more and more families received the inspiration and tools they needed to make kindness and giving a significant part of their children’s early life lessons. Empowering families to live generously requires a broad, sustained effort, and DGT could not have maintained its trajectory or its pace of innovation without the dedication of these individuals.

List of our 2017-18 Volunteers and Board Members

List of our 2017-18 Donors

Debut of the “Just Be Kind” Program

In the fall of 2018, DGT unveiled a new curriculum—aimed at schools, faith groups, youth groups, and community groups—to train people to conduct lessons in kindness. Our Just Be Kind program has already proved to be a welcome resource. The program offers youth leaders across the nation (and the world!) a toolbox of ready-to-use activities and discussion guides to lead elementary-school-age children in big-hearted lessons in kindness and service. Our unique curriculum, which ranges from bullying prevention exercises to service projects to help older adults, also includes a year of coaching service.

Learn more about the Just Be Kind Club…

Miami Project

DGT continued to expand its presence in the Miami-Dade public schools. We concluded a pilot project that brought our Family Service Fair to eight elementary schools. Evaluations from students, teachers, parents, and administrators in this diverse district were outstanding, affirming how effective this DGT-developed event can be in imparting lessons in compassion and community engagement. The next goal is to make the program sustainable so that every school in Miami can offer a Family Service Fair to its families. Because attendees gather to make service projects for local nonprofits, this would also result in badly needed items going to many more people in need. This project, funded by the Al & Jane Nahmad Foundation, will serve as a model for how to bring this meaningful event to other school districts around the country.

Festival of Giving

In September 2018, hundreds of families joined DGT at our inaugural Festival of Giving™ – a one-of-a-kind event presented on Nicollet Island in Minneapolis. Visitors to our big white tent were greeted with kindness activities, fun service projects, multicultural performances, snacks, kindness swag bags, and lots of unique collaborations with local organizations. Check out this infographic to see the results of the big-hearted service projects.

We are grateful to the generous sponsors and volunteers who made this unique event a success, and we quickly started planning for an even bigger and better Festival of Giving in 2019.
Learn more about our Festival of Giving…

Special thanks to these 2018 sponsors…

Partnerships and Sponsorships

As in years past, DGT was honored to collaborate with some awesome partners in fiscal year 2017-18. For example, we participated in the “Season of Love and Kindness” event at the Minnesota Children’s Museum; began work on a curriculum for Harvard University’s “Making Caring Common” program; developed parent engagement materials for a new after-school program called “Stronger to Serve”; and created fresh new “Take Your Child to Work Day” events for several businesses around the country. In addition, we worked with the Minneapolis Foundation to share our family philanthropy expertise with its donors. We were also called on to assist a number of local and national schools, businesses, faith groups, and early childhood programs as they sought to incorporate family service initiatives into their operating strategies.

Trending Topics and New Products

DGT continued to explore timely topics that deserved new “kindness and compassion” resources. Our new materials included ideas for animal fans, and materials to encourage animal advocacy. We also greatly strengthened our booklists. We updated our books on Global Poverty, added a new book category called Peace Makers, and developed new opportunities for learning advocacy on the subjects of Helping the Hungry, Healing the Earth, and Welcoming New Immigrants. In addition, we stocked the DGT™ Store with a series of eBooks, created by our experts, that offer in-depth lessons about big topics like bullying, neighborliness, and environmentalism. Each eBook contains theme-related service projects, conversation cards, and reflection opportunities. Each could be downloaded for free by any member of our DGT Membership Circle.

New City Listing - Oakland/East Bay, California

Oakland East Bay Graphic.png

With the help of our wonderful new Volunteer Coordinator, we began compiling monthly listings of family-friendly opportunities in Oakland/East Bay, California, which we make available for free to anyone who subscribes. This marked the seventh location for DGT’s family volunteering resources—with more to come!


DGT continued to inspire families to put kindness, compassion, and caring for others front and center—and to provide the resources needed to weave these values into their everyday lives. As a direct result of our work this past year, more community needs were met: more meals served to the hungry, more visits paid to lonely seniors, more trees planted, more foster homes found for rescued animals. And more children were empowered to grow up making a difference. To fulfill this important work, we dedicated ourselves to practicing sound financial, administrative, and organizational stewardship, with money and mission working together to bring our vision to life.

Click here for details on our 2017-18 Financials.

2017-18 Volunteers

Maya Aadland

Chris Aerts

Ryan Allen

Jennifer Alviar

Julie Amundson

Marisa Berglund

Libby Buckley

Nick Chrastil

Rachel Chrastil

Rocky Chrastil


Megan Flasch

Amy Glaus

Gary Glaus

Mimi Goh

Anne Hable

Michael Henley

Kira Hower

Adam Johnson

Sarah Johnson



Michelle Jones

Junior League of Minneapolis

Marla J. Kinney

Tara Kumar

Natalie Lee-Heidt

Cathy McClane

Brian McDermott

Pat McFarlane

Mike McFarlane


Belinda O’Connell

Kelsey Ohme

Sherri Olson

Jill Prevatt

Maryann Reynolds

Kate Rome

Gerry Sexton

Natalie Silverstein

Natasha Speake

Amanda Ungs


2017-18 Board Members

Cara Johnson-Bader

Julie Bascom

Michael Birdman

Jana Bruder

Jenny Friedman

Roy Ginsburg


Elizabeth Glaus

Susan Humiston

Kevin Larabee

Becky Nahvi

Marty Owens

Jennifer Scholl


2017-18 Donors

Nita and Lonnie Aadland

Peggy Aadland

Sarah and Joe Aadland

Mark Abner

Heidi Adelsman and Mike Everetts

Chris Aerts

Albert H & Jane D Nahmad Foundation Inc.

Alex Benjamin Norris Memorial Fund

Vicki Alexander

Diana and Tad Allard

Liz Alonzo

Jennifer Alviar

Lisa Amic

Barb and John Anderson

Kendra Anderson

Kristi and Steve Anderson-Hermann

Christine and Don Anthony

Sarah Anthony

Ashley Raggio

Cathy Aten

Julie and Paul Banker

Courtney Baron

Julie and Duke Bascom

Mia Bauer

Joan Bechtold and Brian Balleria

Jane Bellis

Benovate, Inc.

Marisa Berglund

Big Brothers and Big Sisters of the Greater Twin Cities

Michael Birdman and Marissa Gautsch

Andrea Bolstad

Joan and Bob Bonello

Jane Booth-Tobin

Jana Bruder

Libby Buckley

B.C. and W.M. Byrd

Andrea and Edward Byrne

David and Carla Carlson

Judith Carpenter

Casa de Corazon

Patrick Cassidy

Candace Cervenka

Paul and Alisia Chesen

Anna Childers

Jay Chrastil

Joe Chrastil and Jean Ingebritsen

Rachel Chrastil

Rocky Chrastil 

Andrea Cohen

Katie Crandall

Nathan Cuellar

Gregg and Elizabeth Cummings

Amy Dale

Arielle Dameshghi

Jeff and Susan Dee

Louise and Dave Delagran

Connie and Carl Dellmuth

Jennifer Dellmuth

Nancy Dellmuth

Gwen and Chuck Denninger

Jess Desanto

Beth DiPasquale

Meghan Dunbar

Amanda Eggenberger

Cara Feldberg and Phil Bennatyne

Sorelle Feldberg

Lisa Feller

Nicole Fetsch

Stephanie Fettig-Scholl

Nicole Fiftal

Devon Filimon

Scott Fischmann

Emma Flotterud

Katherine Ford

Laura Friedman and Dan Picus

Leah Friedman

Katherine Fritz

Ari Fuad

Alison Gardy

Clifford Genzler

Roy Ginsburg and Anne Damon

Lisa Glaus

Barbara Golden

Karen and David Grandstand

Brooke and Aaron Halfpap

Urbae Hall

Andrea Halverson

Bonnie and Clayton Halverson

Dawnn & Elijah Hannover




Jean Hanson 

Julia Hanson

Patrick Hanson

Cynthia Harper

Michael Henley and Randi Yoder

Andrea Herges Berg

Jamie Hermes

Mark Hiemenz and Charlie Rounds

Emily Hierlmaier

Bonnie Higley

Anne Hinrichs

Miriam Hobart

Jenny Holloway

Michela Hugo

Susan Humiston

Michael Hugo

Lisa Hunt

Jenny Jendro

Sarah Johnson

Cara Johnson-Bader

Bill Jokela and Mary Jane Lipinski

Jones Day

Rishi Kapoor

Mareese Keane

Andrea Killory

Kinderberry Hill

Ronald and Eva Kinney Family Foundation

Anne Klein

John and Linda Klein

Tom Klein and Kip Palmer

Knight Foundation

Michaela Kronlage

Russell J Krueger

Tara Kumar

Lorna Landvik

Kevin Larabee

Allison Larson

Anne Laux

Mary Lawless

Nalie Lee Heidt

Yvonne Lerew

Laurie and David Levi

Nancy Levi

Ryan Levi

Lifetouch Preschool Portraits

Helen Lin

Diane Lindquist and Jeff Huggett

Pat Loftus

Daniel Lovhaug

Gary Lynn

April Lunde

Katherine Lusch

Gary Lynn

Julie Maanum

Blaine Mably

Jen Malutta

Jessica Marlin

Larissa Marocco

Holly Martin

James and Makenzie McCormick

Carol McCloud

Brian McDermott and Sue Schwartz

Joyce and Richard McFarland

Michael and Pat McFarlane

Cathy McLane

Elizabeth McLean

Keith McNeill

Susan Middleton

Midtown Global Market

Minneapolis Foundation

Chris Mongeon

Katie and Mark Mortenson

Stephanie Munyon

Kathryn Murphy

Christina Murray

Becky and Alex Nahvi

Diane Nelson

Jim Nelson

Chi Nguyen

Dave and Pat Noren

Julie Noren

Melinda North

Gloria Olson and Peter Racer

Marty and Brodie Owens

 Naimisha and Kamlesh Patel

Lisa Percy

Pat Perlstein

Allison and Brian Peterson

Rick Peterson

Julie Phillips

Michelle Phipps

Greg Poduska

Megan Pollock

Seema Pothini

Jon Poupaard

Private Wealth Mgmt. U.S. Bank

Barbara Raggio

Jason Bowles, RBC Wealth Mgmt.

Erin Reichelt

Sue Reid

Jamie Lyn Reinschmidt

Erik Resurreccion

Maryann Reynolds

Jennifer Rhodes

Shelly Roberts

Jessica Rosati

Kari Rosbeck

Gail Rosenblum

Nassim and Federico Rossi

Kateri Routh

Matthew Samet

Katie Sanders

Colleen Scheck

Jacqueline Schmilel

Valerie Schimel

Sarah Schimmel

Tia and Matthew Schmit

Kathrin Schoenberg

Jen Scholl

Jill Schulte

Michelle Seets

Jackie Seidel

Gerry Sexton

Jim and Yvonne Sexton Family Foundation

Amy Shaw

Mark Shepard and Chris Soutter

Susan Shields

Barbara Shimshock and Mark Miller

Kathleen Shipp

Natalie Silverstein

Sylvia Sichol

Diane Siegel

Natalie Silverstein

David Small

Michael Sokol

Jennifer and Daniel Spiller

Sarah Steefel and Jim Moore

Jon Steinberg and Kathleen Watson

Kari Stern

Micah Stevenson

Ashley Stoker

Leslie Street

Deborah Sugerman

Harry and Sue Summitt

John and Alice Sylvestre

TC Indoor Lacrosse League

TCF Foundation

The Goddard School

The Purple Tree, Inc.

The Saint Paul & Minnesota Community Foundation

Lisle Thielbar

Sean Thomas

Gretchen Thompson

Thrivent Federal Credit Union

Thrivent Financial - Coolonnade Group

Ann Tobin and David Booth

Tamara Torres

Tradition Capital Bank

Audrey Trewin

Anne Tucker

Nicole Tuma

Jennifer Turner

Anne and Tom Ulseth

United Health Group

Caralee Valdez

Frank Voigt

Mary Walker

Mae Wall

Lina Wallace

Westwood Professional Services

Rachel Williams

Wings Financial Credit Union - Highgrove Office

Workers' Compensation Reinsurance Association (WCRA)

Mike and Missy Young

Messiah Youssef

Korin Ziesmer


DGT™ Financial Report for Fiscal Year 2017-18

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