Kindness Fortune Tellers from

Kindness Fortune Tellers

Print and play with our origami fortune tellers with a kindness twist!

The creations below have been tested on a wide variety of children and their families at our Family Service Fairs. Our field research makes one thing clear: kindness is fun!

Possible Recipients

Perfect for party favors, classmate gifts, or enlivening wait times or road trips.

2 Printable Kindness Fortune Tellers:


  1. Print one of the fortune tellers linked above.

  2. Follow the instructions for cutting and folding it into shape.

  3. Play the game! Find instructions for fortune tellers here.

If you have trouble getting the kids excited, try:

  • Answering first. Your input will get them more involved.

  • Leaving them in charge of their answers. Resist the urge to “teach” or correct their responses. Even if their dream to use $100 includes buying and hoarding candy to the exclusion of all else. Let them know you are tempted to use it all too, but that if you really knew you could do some good with it you would put it toward….

  • Being silly. Some days, no one has the energy for straight talk and pithy conversations. Some days we all need to be a little goofy.


  • Talk About Giving by Talk About Giving, an initiative developed by the Central Carolina Community Foundation to encourage multi-generational conversation about philanthropy. The game offers 52 cards with open-ended conversations starters. Visit their website for the question of the week.

  • 201 Questions to Ask your Kids; 201 Questions to Ask your Parents by Pepper Schwarz (Harper Paperbacks, 2000). Ages 10 and up. This book is full of questions that go beyond the topics of giving and kindness, but will help open up a broader conversation.

Take it further

  • Keep a journal near at hand to jot down memorable moments. Some family quotes deserve to live in infamy.

  • Resolve to turn one thing from your conversation into an action item. Start a collection for your favorite charity or write a thank you to someone who was helpful. Take a small step toward making someone’s “wish for the world” a reality.


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