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Family Service Keller Williams

Doing Good Together offers prompt, professional one-on-one assistance with all types of family service initiatives. Over the last 10 years, we have provided expert consultation and services to:

  • Schools seeking to offer fun family service events or establish a comprehensive family service program to increase parent involvement and enhance their students’ caring quotient.

  • Faith groups interested in intergenerational service opportunities for their congregants.

  • Business and workplaces that want to offer a satisfying and meaningful event for employees (and clients) and their families -- or that are looking for a mutually beneficial collaboration with a well-respected nonprofit.

  • Social service agencies interested in developing unique, creative projects for family volunteers; effective service-learning partnerships; and customized education and reflection materials that will attract a new generation of volunteers and donors to their organization.

  • Other groups, such as museums, libraries and community education programs eager to add a “giving-back” component to their work.

Please contact us today to inquire about our consulting services, or check out these examples of solutions we've already brought to other organizations:

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