Host a DGT™ Family Service Fair in Your Community or Organization

Family Service Fairs in community

Hosting a fun, meaningful service fair for your organization or community is easy. Whether you are planning a birthday party for 10 people, a large-scale conference or an event for your charitable organization, a Doing Good Together™ Family Service Fair is the perfect way to bring your group together for an afternoon or evening of meaningful fun.

For a small administrative fee and the cost of supplies, we will coordinate all the details of the event for you—everything from purchasing supplies to making connections with nonprofit agencies (If you’d like to organize the event on your own, simply purchase our DIY-style Family Service Fair Manual with Online Toolkit. It includes everything you need, from pre-printed promotional posters and shopping lists to set up your activity stations, to printable reflection materials.)

Participants move among the activity stations and can work on every project or just a few, all while educating themselves and their children about critical social issues and the value of serving others. The fair has proved to be an ideal way for families and other small groups to have fun together while making a real difference in the community.

To learn more about how you can host your own Family Service Fair, contact our Doing Good Together™ Family Service Fair Director, Nassim Rossi

Benefits for Your Organization or Community

  • It’s a fun, inter-generational event—kids and adults alike enjoy the activities. 
  • Not only do the Doing Good Together™ Family Service Fair activities build camaraderie and create an enjoyable experience for your community, they also directly benefit the recipients of the items created. 
  • Provides participants an opportunity to reflect on the experience and to evaluate whether family volunteering activities can become a routine part of their lives.   
  • The event demonstrates your group’s commitment to the community.


“The materials DGT created for our visitors include some of the best information for families I’ve ever seen.” 
-- Michelle Blodgett, Program Developer, Minnesota Children’s Museum

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