The Challenge:

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DARTS, a Twin Cities nonprofit that connects people (especially the elderly) to needed services, already offered wonderful family-friendly volunteer opportunities. However, the agency wanted to enrich those opportunities with customized materials specifically geared to families with children.

DGT™ Solution:

Create support and reflection materials to deepen the volunteer experience:

  • Developed a website page dedicated to family volunteering.
  • Wrote a handbook for parents with tips and reflection ideas about volunteering with children.
  • Designed a flier explaining DARTS’ unique family opportunities.
Partnering with Doing Good Together™ has helped DARTS produce a Family Guide to Volunteering. The booklet is filled with valuable information in guiding young families. The content helps families create discussion, gives useful tips and helps eliminate any questions or concerns the children may have about volunteering when connecting with an older adult.”
— Barb Tiggemann, Volunteer Manager, DARTS