Shinnyo-en Foundation and Shinnyo-en Temples

The Challenge:


Mindful of the Shinnyo-en Buddhist Order tenet to serve others, Shinnyo-en Temple members wanted guidance on how to start serving their immediate communities.

DGT’s Solution:

Give members a direct avenue to community involvement:

  • Organized annual Family Service Fairs at temple locations around the country, including New York, Boston, Chicago, L.A. and San Francisco.

  • DGT attended each Fair, speaking about the value of service.

  • Compiled a comprehensive resource booklet for temple members outlining local “giving back” opportunities.

The Family Service Events that Doing Good Together coordinated for us at the temples made serving the community easy for Shinnyo-en participants. They didn’t have to feel that their prior skills or experiences were not good enough, and they felt empowered to serve their communities while enjoying their time together.
— Ineko Tsuchida, Program Director, Shinnyo-en Foundation