Tips for Finding Family Volunteering Opportunities

Tip 1:  Use VolunteerMatch

volunteer match

VolunteerMatch is geared to adult volunteering, but it’s a great resource for uncovering potential family opportunities. That’s because it can point you to nonprofits in your community actively seeking volunteer assistance. Here’s how to make VolunteerMatch work for you.


  1. Click on “advanced search.” Insert your zip code, and indicate how far you’re willing to travel.

  2. Then, if you’d like, add a keyword about your family’s interests. If you’re open to any opportunity, leave the “Keyword” section blank.

  3. Scroll down and indicate whether you want opportunities that are “Great for” kids or teens, depending on the ages of your children.

  4. Now click on “Search” and review your options. Many won’t suit families or your interests. When you find one that does, call or email the organization for details.

  5. Alternatively, check out the “organizational results” on the right bar. If you see a group that interests you, call and ask how your family can help.

Tip 2:  Check out your local volunteer center

Hands on network

HandsOn Network has hundreds of volunteer centers around the country and abroad. Find the one closest to you. Give them a call, tell them the ages of your children, and they’ll direct you to the best local service projects.

Tip 3:  Start right where you are!

Visit our very own Big-Hearted Families™ program and discover dozens of volunteer projects you can initiate whenever you are ready, wherever you may live.

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Read and Reflect

All ready to volunteer? Already completed a volunteering project? We've got tips for how you can reflect on the experience with your child and enjoy deeper conversations that provide a chance for connection. In addition, we offer lists of recommended books to read before or after your volunteering efforts. 

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