Picture Books for Bibliophiles


Share your love of reading with a child in your life.

Bibliophiles - or book worms - of every age will be delighted by these creative stories. They explore reading as a superpower, reading as magic, and reading as a grand adventure. Then use our discussion questions to make the most of story time.

Conversation Starters

  • What is a bibliophile?

  • What do you love most about reading?

  • Can you name a favorite book or two? A favorite character or two?

  • How could you persuade someone who doesn't love to read to try your favorite book?

  • Do you like to visit the public library?

  • Do you think it's important to make books available, for free, to everyone? Why or why not

Featured Title

A Velocity of Being: Letters to a Young Reader edited by Maria Papova and Claudia Bedrick
Perfect for book lovers ages 10 and up, this collection of deliciously inspiring essays features writers from Neil Gaiman and Jane Goodall to Rebecca Solnit and Regina Specktor.

For everyone who has ever fallen in love with a book, this is a gift-worthy treasure.

More DGT Favorites

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore by William Joyce
This whimsical, reality-bending book is full of food for thought. It even inspired an Academy Award-winning short film.

The Old Woman Who Loved to Read by John Winch
This lovely lady moves to the country for a quieter life, with the hope that she’ll have time to read. Alas, she finds that country life brings with it new and hilarious demands on her time, one of which lands her in a bathtub with her ever-present animal pals.

Aunt Chip and the Great Triple Creek Dam Affair by Patricia Palocco
If you are looking for an adventure story celebrating books and reading, this is the one. Master story-teller Palocco introduces us to Aunt Chip and her quest to unplug a generation of tech-crazy kids in a tale that will stick with readers long after the last page.

A Quiet Place by Douglas Wood
This beautiful book empowers children to discover the quiet places that feed their spirits, including the many adventures that await between the covers of a good book.

Library Lil by Suzanne Williams
Can a librarian take on a motorcycle gang to protect her precious books? Find out in this exceptional tall tale!

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