Delivering Smiles

Meals on wheels.jpg

Meals on Wheels has been a wonderful hands-on volunteer experience for our family.  Our boys are 3, 5 and 7 so it’s very age-appropriate as well.  Not only do they enjoy delivering the meals but since we deliver in our own neighborhood (most homes are less than a mile from our house) they’ve come to understand that we have neighbors in need.  We drive by a couple homes en route to our 3 year old’s preschool and he’s always quick to point out “There’s Ailene’s house!”   I’ve also explained to the boys that they may be the only kids that these older people get to see so I think that also makes the experience more special for them–and helps them understand the reason for the big smiles on the recipients’ faces when we arrive with their meal.  Another perk for them is the bowl of suckers at the Meals on Wheels site and the warm greeting they always receive from the staff there.