Twelve Months of Giving

I am a person who dreams of winning the lottery and handing out bags of cash to all my favorite charities. I want to host a fundraiser that raises millions of dollars for those in need. I get overwhelmed because I can’t do this so I do nothing. Until Doing Good Together. The ideas for simple, meaningful, impactful projects have motivated me to do more. We compiled a “12 months of giving” list and posted to our fridge. Each month we commit to doing a project (each found on the DGT website). We are only in February and my 5-yr-old is already asking when we are going to do our second project and she knows what that will be. She’s excited, she’s engaged, and she’s learning. We’ve already had great discussions about what our helping can do, what it means to those receiving and all that we gain from doing it. We aren’t doing the grandest gesture, making the unbelievable gift, but we are changing the world.