Parent with Purpose: create a family mission statement with your children.

Create a Family Mission Statement

Turn mindfulness into an artistic keepsake.

Setting goals as a family can inspire your youngest members, along with your most resistant skeptics, to live each day with intention and mindfulness.

Possible recipients

Because your final creation features your child's prints and your family's intentions, the end result makes an excellent Mother's or Father's Day gift, holiday, or birthday gift in addition to a lovely family keepsake.

ACT with kindness; LOVE generously; DANCE often.

ACT with kindness; LOVE generously; DANCE often.

What you’ll need

  • Large (16" x 14") poster board or matte board in black or white
  • Paint
  • Paint pen or permanent marker
  • Frame (optional)


First, paint your child's prints:

Invite your kids to get a little messy. Position the poster board vertically, then have your child add his or her handprints near the top. Paint a heart in the center, or arrange upside-down handprints in the shape of a heart. Then have your child add his or her footprints near the bottom.

If you have multiple children, feel free to use a hand and foot from each one.

Second, choose your words wisely:

Select three guiding phrases to write on top of your designs. Here are some examples, which you are welcome to use.

  • The handprints could have doing words:  ACT with kindness, MAKE peace, GIVE generously, etc.
  • The heart could have loving words:  LOVE generously, CARE deeply, EMBRACE all around you.
  • The footprints could have moving words:  DANCE often, WALK together, FOLLOW your own path.

Third, write your mission:

Once the paint is dry, write your chosen text on the top of the handprints, heart, and footprints. Use a complementary color that will show up over the paint. Our blog family used silver over gold. Plus, our blogger's second grader wrote the first word in each phrase. Don’t forget to add the kids’ names and ages below their prints!


  • What are the most important things your family does together?
  • What impact does your family hope to have on your community? Your world?
  • What four adjectives do you hope people use to describe you individually?
  • List five things your family enjoys doing together?
  • How can you add kindness to your family's favorite activities?


  • The Three Questions by Leo Tolstoy, adapted by John Muth. Ages 4-8. Based on a short story by Leo Tolstoy, This is the story of a little boy’s quest to discover the secret to being a good person.

  • Where the Mountain Meets the Moon by Grace Lin. Ages 8-up. This magical story illustrates the concepts of mindfulness, gratitude, and helping those closest to you.

Take it further

  • Take your newly crafted family mission out into the community. Consider visiting our “Quick Acts of Kindness” page, printing out our labels for Random Acts of Kindness, and sharing good deeds throughout your community.
  • Hold one another accountable to your family mission statement. Sign your artwork as if it were a contract. Hang it in a prominent place in your home. When necessary, remind one another of your goals in order to get yourselves back on track.

Ready to do more? Check out our tips for Quick Acts of Kindness!