Take the DGT™ Valentine Kindness Challenge

Make February a month of generosity!

There is no better time to focus your family on sending ripples of kindness through your community.

With this downloadable list full of creative - and simple - daily acts of kindness, your family is sure to launch a lifelong habit of doing good, together!



  1. Print the  #28Days of Kindness for Families and post it somewhere you'll be sure to see it. In the event of a leap year, check out our #29Days of Kindness. How do you like your bonus kindness activity?

  2. Make time for each day's challenge. If you need to swap days or complete multiple tasks on the weekend, that's OK. The goal is to complete one each day, but be flexible, and make that part of your reflection.

  3. Make time to reflect.

Reflection Questions

  • At the end of each day ask, discuss how the assigned task worked for each of member of your family.

  • How would you feel if someone shared today's kindness with you?

  • What was your favorite item in the challenge?

  • Which tasks were most difficult to complete? Which were the easiest?

  • What are some other ways we could share kindness every day?

If you enjoyed, this try our #30Days of Kindness Challenge, perfect for summer fun.



Browse this growing list of picture books that celebrate love, perfect for Valentine's Day.

Take it further

  • Join the Big-Hearted Families™ Membership Circle!
    We'll help you make kindness a family priority all year long. Plus this exclusive member download gives you everything you need to host a fun, book-based Valentine party for your family. You'll receive a one-of-a-kind activity for your whole family, conversation cards based on the book The Giant Hug by Sandra Horning, and a wonderful recipe. (Book not included, but available at libraries, bookstores, and on Amazon.)

  • Adopt a Food Shelf.  Make filling your dedicated food shelf box a monthly family tradition. 

  • Continue the challenge! Brainstorm a new list of small acts of kindness and keep the habit going.

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