Spend family time creating May Day Baskets as a family!

Create May Day Gifts for your Neighbors

Deliver goodies on May 1st!

May Day offers the perfect opportunity to bring good cheer to people you often rush past. Join in this fun tradition, and celebrate your neighbors and friends!

Possible recipients

Anyone in your child’s circle who’d get a kick out of a little surprise kindness — neighbors, friends, or family.

How to get started.

Browse our May Day Kindness Pinterest board to discover ideas like

Printable May Day labels from Doing Good Together™ Version 1


  • Create your May Day Basket. Discover tips for creating baskets from recycled newspaper, simple paper plates, recycled cans, and more.

  • Fill with flowers and/or sweets. Discover a template for flowers here. Add a packet of garden seeds, homemade cookies, or special chocolate.

  • Write uplifting, cheerful notes. Use one of the three templates

  • Deliver to recipients. Kids enjoy the excitement of trying to make their deliveries anonymously.

Reflection Questions

  • How would it (or does it) feel to receive a May Day basket from someone?

  • How does it feel to offer a small gesture of kindness?

  • Why is it important to do small things for those in our community?

  • What other ways can we show your appreciation and love for our friends and neighbors throughout the year?


Take it further

  • Deliver your baskets to a local nursing home, hospital or veteran’s home.

  • Create other May Day crafts to give away.

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