Spend family time creating May Day Baskets as a family!

Create May Day Baskets 

Deliver goodies on May 1st!

Join in this fun tradition, and celebrate your neighbors and friends!

Printable May Day labels from Doing Good Together™

Possible recipients

Anyone in your child’s circle who’d get a kick out of a little surprise kindness — neighbors, friends or family.

What you’ll need

  • Construction paper
  • Glue, tape and/or stapler
  • Decorating supplies
  • Flowers (choose real, tissue paper Forever Flowers, or paper "handprint" flowers (as shown above)  
  • Treats such as candy, baked goods or stickers


Design-Your-Own May Day Labels from Doing Good Together™

  1. Cut paper into a triangle.

  2. Decorate it on one side.

  3. Roll into a cone shape and fasten at the bottom to make a “basket.”

  4. Cut another strip of paper and fasten as the handle.

  5. Add additional decor as desired.

  6. Fill with goodies.

  7. Deliver to recipients – anonymously if you can!

Reflection Questions

  • How would it feel to receive a May Day basket from someone?
  • How does it feel to offer a small gesture of kindness?
  • Why is it important to do small things for those in our community?
  • What other ways throughout the year can you show your appreciation and love for those in your life?


  • Heartprints by P.K. Hallinan (Ideals Childrens Books, 2002). Ages 4 and up. A sweet little story about the lasting impact your kindness can have on others.
  • On the Morn of Mayfest by Erica Silverman (Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 2011). Ages 4 and up. This joyous book in rhyme takes you through a day of one village’s May Day festivities.

Take it further

  • Deliver your baskets to a local nursing home, hospital or veteran’s home.
  • Create other May Day crafts to give away.

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