Create a Newsletter

Create a Newsletter

Teach active citizenship and get engaged together.

Write your own newsletter about an issue your family is passionate about. Teaching others is a great way to learn about a topic while inspiring people to take action.

Possible recipients

Whomever you choose – family, friends, neighbors.

What you’ll need

  • Computer, paper and pen, markers or crayons


  • Decide as a family what issue to explore or what cause you find most meaningful.
  • Pick a newsletter format and brainstorm what you’ll include.
  • Have family members contribute according to their interests and writing ability.
  • Create a mailing list of family and friends.
  • Send it off (online or printed out) and make your voices heard!


  • Why is it important to learn about the problems facing the world and near where we live?
  • There are many possible issues to explore. What are some that our family cares about? What are some ways we can stay up-to-date on community and global concerns?
  • What are other ways we can urge people to become involved?


Take it further

  • Send a monthly newsletter to family and friends on a different world issue.
  • Consider a multimedia newsletter with text, video, photographs, interviews and music. Free tools like can make design fun and easy.
  • Create a newsletter telling the story of your Big-Hearted Family™ experiences. Share what projects you’ve done and the difference you’ve made. Perhaps you’ll inspire other families!
  • Have family members learn about a topic of interest and share what they learned with one another.
  • If one or more of your children loves writing, perhaps they’d like to start their own blog about an issue that matters to them – or start a family blog.

Still looking for creative ways to learn together?

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