SHOP KIND! Top Gifts That Promote Kindness

SHOP KIND! Top Gifts That Promote Kindness

Any parent would agree: The top lessons we can teach our kids include generosity, kindness and sharing. Now we have another way for you to share the joy of kindness with your children -- a collection of products that make "giving back" fun

You'll find ideas below and on our newly launched Shop Kind page.

How To Move Beyond Gratitude

Feeling gratitude is great medicine. It can inspire optimism, improve health and increase happiness. But according to Adam Grant, author of Give and Take: Why Helping Others Drives Our Success, feelings of gratitude are often fleeting. What's more powerful is actually taking time to help others out. "Gratitude is a temporary emotion," says Grant, "but giving is a lasting value." Here are some ways to move from gratitude to giving this Thanksgiving. Because when we think of ourselves as givers, we are inspired to do more.

Treat Someone Else This Halloween

 Halloween can conjure the same spirit of giving as Thanksgiving and Christmas. Below are six fabulous projects that let your family give back this Halloween. Any one of them can become a new family tradition that puts more meaning – and more funinto your festivities. Plus, your feeling of satisfaction will remain long after your stash of candy corn is gone.

5 Simple Ways to Raise an Entitlement-Free Child

Many parents feel compelled to provide their kids with "ideal" childhoods. They try to create a world in which children are constantly entertained, rescued from unpleasant situations, and handed whatever they want in order to assure their continual happiness.

But children who grow up getting their every desire miss out on the joy of giving, the sense of accomplishment that comes with effort, and the resilience that develops when we are forced to bounce back from disappointments.

This roundup of tips will not only challenge entitlement and nurture compassion, but ultimately also will make our children happier and more successful – and in turn make the world a better place.

How to Guard Against Raising a "Rescuer"

We don't want our children to start seeing the world as divided into "givers" and "receivers." To avoid this, remind your children that everyone needs help at times, that all of us have something to offer others – and that the world is simply a better place when we help one another out. These tips can help you raise kind, giving children while avoiding the sense of "rescuing" that can be an unintended consequence of serving others.

A Charity to Call Your Own

Consider marking the new school year by choosing one local charity to "adopt" for the year. It could be a homeless shelter, an environmental organization, a care facility, an arts group or an early-childhood program. By next summer your whole family will have become conversant on the issues, had fun together, met some wonderful people and made your community better.


Generosity: The Missing Piece of Money Literacy

Plenty of experts have written about raising financially literate children, but surprisingly few mention the important role of generosity and sharing. Fortunately, no matter what your family income, it's easy to establish fun, meaningful family habits that teach children about giving.


Create a Family Giving Circle

Giving Circles make for fun and effective philanthropy, whether you have $5 or $500 to give. The idea is that individuals pool funds, then decide as a group where to donate. By creating a Family Giving Circle, you can use this same concept to teach your children about charitable giving. They'll love having a big say in donation decisions and will learn firsthand about this crucial way of sharing.