We're All in This Together: Building a Village for Your Family

Strong, nurturing communities help children thrive and succeed. They give kids a sense of belonging, an opportunity for new friendships, and practice in getting along with others. Strong communities give kids other adults to seek out when they need help and provide a lifelong network of support. Use the summer months to create or reinforce that all-important village for your family by connecting anew with folks in your local community. Your efforts will build support and make us all feel less alone.

We Can Solve It (and Other Good News to Share with Kids)

If we believe that the challenges we face can be overcome (remembering how many have been overcome in the past), we are motivated to work harder. So even as we discuss the world's difficulties with our children, let's make an effort to share news of our progress, too. It will inspire kids to fight to make a difference for the planet and its people.

Raising "Upstanding" Children

Raising "Upstanding" Children

It can be difficult to take action in support of our values and beliefs, especially when it involves some personal risk. If you would like your children to be among those admirable people with the courage to be "upstanding", rather than bystanding, here are some strategies to help them along.