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Ready Set Give: 6 Simple Projects for Big-Hearted Beginners

Ready Set Give: 6 Simple Projects for Big-Hearted Beginners

We’ll make it easy for you to get started! Doing Good Together has distilled six of our best projects for beginners into a new printable. Parents tell us they love how straightforward it is to start with these doable (and fun) activities. The projects below lay the groundwork for you to make a difference in a million different ways as your family grows accustomed to making time to do good.

Understanding Immigration: Exercises in Empathy & Advocacy for Families

As the crisis at the border floods the news, your children may have questions. You may feel helpless to respond.  Our latest blog post can help you navigate this heartbreaking issue with your kids. As our blogger concludes, “Doing Good Together has always relied on two essential truths. In every crisis, there is something you can do to make a difference. And your family's actions, along with your empathy, will shape the next generation of helpers and heroes.”

Resilient Parenting through Illness

This week we are honored to welcome a guest post by Heather Von St. James. Heather is a 12-year mesothelioma cancer survivor and activist. Heather's experience as a parent and an advocate offers incredible lessons in resilient, big-hearted parenting.