Kindness Practice

Little Green Thumbs: A Guide to Doing Good with the Family Garden

At Doing Good Together™ we love to find ways to make a difference, not occasionally, but regularly, as part of the hobbies and habits we already pursue. Here are four easy ways you and your little one can make a difference with this summer's family vegetable garden and three essential reasons to make gardening your favorite family hobby!

I Wonder: Tools to Inspire Curiosity, Reflection, and Empathy in Kids

For nearly fifteen years Doing Good Together has connected parents with essential tools to open a thoughtful dialogue with their kids. We've seen time and again that by reflecting on our experiences, volunteer efforts, and everyday interactions, children develop strong skills in compassion and problem-solving.

How to Quiet Distractions and Focus on Doing Good

Sharing compassion with others meets critical needs in our communities, even as it heals our spirits. With each act of service, our families can be a force for love and kindness, helping to heal our fractured country and connect meaningfully with those around us.

And along the way, our children will discover what it means to live an engaged and compassionate life.

Stand Up for Social Justice: Books & Tools for Civic-Minded Families

By engaging kids in social action, we can help our justice-loving youngsters recognize and stand up against inequities. We can help build their empathy muscles, practice the skills needed for social justice, and work toward a more equal society. In this week's post, DGT offers a new, book list to fuel your social action!

A Music Lovers' Guide to Doing Good (with a Big-Hearted Playlist)

Music helps us rally and brings us together in a way few other mediums can. In spite all of its power, music has been absent from Doing Good Together's big-hearted offerings. Until now.Here are 5 projects for big-hearted music lovers.

Big-Hearted Action Speaks Louder Than Fear

Now is the time to gather our families and get back to the work of helping the fearful, the lonely, the hungry, and everyone else needing a hand.Together, let’s cross kind acts off our to do list and watch their impact ripple out into the world. Together, let’s do all the good we can to bring people together, to lift others up.