Crafty Kindness for the Whole Family

Crafty Kindness from

(Even if you're not so crafty!)

Let me be honest, mine is not a Pinterest-ready family. Most of our craft projects are simply sensory indulgences in messy fun, with the end product looking like one of those blooper reels of Pinterest fails.

Not that I mind, at all. For those whose craft projects turn out beautifully, you inspire me. Some of us just enjoy the process of  making and hope for the best.

Here's the good news: some projects are so simple, so straightforward, that even the least crafty among us (ahem, that would be me) can create meaningful, beautiful acts of kindness worthy of sharing with others.

Trust me, whether you are a Martha Stuart-esque wunderkind or a more slap dash artist, the projects below are a great way to spend a winter afternoon. Gather you children, and get ready to get crafty.

1. Make No Sew Fleece Blankets for Project Linus.

Welcome to our project of the month! Your young ones can help make these cozy, clever blankets and provide comfort to a child in need. No sewing required!

Plus, It's a wonderful, meditative sensory activity you can complete during a family movie.

2. Greeting Card Party

Craft enthusiasts, this is your opportunity to get creative. Gather your favorite supplies: colorful paper, stickers, markers, even glitter! Create cards with positive messages like "You are loved" and "I believe in you" and "You inspire me." Send your creations to children with chronic illnesses who are eager for "Happy Mail," like

This activity is the perfect addition to a holiday party!

3. Add Creative Flair to Family Dinners

Choose from two unique placemat designs, both of which invite your whole family to draw, express, and listen creatively during your next feast.

Consider printing enough for your next holiday dinner!


4. Upcycle as a Family

Visit our Pinterest board Kids Can Upcycle. (Yes, I still love adding new things to the Big-Hearted Families™ boards, even if my creations don't make it on there!) Discover the amazing range of things you can make using items you would otherwise toss in the trash or the recycle bin.

Find holiday ornaments, gift ideas, playthings, and so much more!

Like it or not, the cold weather is upon us, and with it, the perfect opportunity to create some good as a family.

Have fun, do good!