7 Mindset Traps That Keep Your Family from Doing Good, Together

And how to fix them!

Seven mindset traps and how to fix them.

Our mindset matters. Truly, our daily thoughts become a driving force when they’re repeated often enough. They can propel us toward our goals. And they can just as easily box us in with limits and negativity.

They grow so fast. We’re so busy. When the kids are older, I’ll…

Those snippets of conviction become our compass when they’re repeated often enough.

I’ve been hearing nuanced repetitions of the same few, frustrating concerns from you, our big-hearted, kindness-focused families. You’ve been reaching out to us at our Family Service Fairs. You’ve been responding to our newsletters and weekly member updates.

And I can relate. Even after five years of doing good with my family whenever and however possible, I still fall into the same trapped and limiting mindset loops every so often.

We’re so busy. When the kids are older, it will be easier…  Or even, How much good are we really doing?

But we parents believe in teaching compassion through intentional acts of kindness and meaningful moments of service. That’s why we’re here, scouring the net for creative and fun ways to practice generosity.

Each time we fall into this rut of negative thinking, we have to rediscover the kindness mindset. We must replace repetitious, limiting thoughts with empowering ones.

And the beautiful thing is... the empowering thoughts are just as true.

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Seven classic mindset traps that keep families from doing good, and how to fix them.