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Ready Set Give: 6 Simple Projects for Big-Hearted Beginners

Ready Set Give: 6 Simple Projects for Big-Hearted Beginners

We’ll make it easy for you to get started! Doing Good Together has distilled six of our best projects for beginners into a new printable. Parents tell us they love how straightforward it is to start with these doable (and fun) activities. The projects below lay the groundwork for you to make a difference in a million different ways as your family grows accustomed to making time to do good.

8 Big-Hearted Remedies to Care for Your Family’s Emotional Colds

Just like the rest of our body, our mental health occasionally struggles with a bout of the grumps or bit of the blues. These emotionally low moments - featuring worry, self-doubt, fear, frustration, anger, and sadness - are a developmentally normal response to the rough patches of childhood and the stresses of the big changes our children experience throughout their growing up years. It’s our job to help our children learn to understand, cope with, and overcome their emotional upheaval. DGT is offering a few creative strategies to help you start a stockpile for your next run-in with the emotional sniffles.

The Inner Work of Childhood: How (and Why) To Become a Family of Philosophers

The Inner Work of Childhood: How (and Why) To Become a Family of Philosophers

There is a certain amount of “Who am I?” and “Why are we here?” work that needs to happen during our early years. At Doing Good Together, we have found that a great deal of the inner work happens when kids have the opportunity to ask big questions with adults in their lives. Our latest post gives you the scientific benefits of philosophical inquiry and offers practical tools to get you started.

6 Ways to Work for a More Compassionate Community

In his rendition of Stone Soup, Jon J Muth offers a lovely example of the way individual generosity can lead to a more compassionate community. Building on this inspiration, Doing Good Together offers several practical suggestions to help your family enrich your community in simple, everyday ways.

Want to raise empowered kids? Teach advocacy!

Try our new, printable tools to take positive action on a cause you care about. Advocating and volunteering for a cause is the best way to empower your family and let legislative leaders know that they represent everyone in their district, including your family and the causes that matter to you.

9 Small, Science-Based Family-Life Upgrades that Prepare Kids to Live Kind

Giving your family routine a few big-hearted upgrades can make it easier to raise thoughtful, kind kids willing to reach out to that new student sitting alone at lunch or brave enough to stand with the student getting taunted by a bully. Ultimately these kind routines will help children become adults who strive to make a difference in the world.

Full Buckets, Happy Hearts, and a Kinder World

Since it came out in 2006, McCloud's book Have You Filled a Bucket Today: A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids has become essential reading in schools and homes across the country.  I recently had the privilege of chatting with Carol McCloud and learning more about her bucket-filling adventures.