8 Acts of Kindness for Big-Hearted Book Lovers

from the Big-Hearted Families™ program of DoingGoodTogether.org

Does your family love to read? Are you looking for ways to feed that love of storytelling while doing good for others?

There is nothing better than discovering acts of kindness that fit your passions, except perhaps connecting your child's interests with a good deed.

Mine is a family of book lovers.

We live at the local library. Stacks abound in every room. And our evenings are full of stories, even the exhausted evenings when my partner and I exchange that do we have to look over the kids' heads as they brush their teeth. We resist the urge to kiss them on the cheek, pull up the covers, and dash down for our grown up time.

Instead, we read.

Often, we get so engrossed, we read much more than we intend. I will continue to share books at bedtime with them until they beg me to stop.

But I digress. Fellow book lovers, I hope you enjoy these wonderful ways to practice kindness with your favorite pass time.

8 Acts of Kindness for Big-Hearted Book Lovers

  1. Read. Too obvious? Invite your children to read to one another or read to their pets. Research continues to support reading as a unique and exceptional tool to teach empathy, so grab some cocoa, snuggle in, and read!

  2. Feed Hungry Minds with our Project of the Month. The bookworms in your family can regularly send new or gently used books to families hungry for reading material. (Need ideas for titles to send? We've got book recommendations on our website.)

  3. Start your own Little Free Library. Tend your own “take a book, return a book” gathering place where neighbors share their favorite literature and stories.

  4. Give the gift of a Kindness-Centered Kids' Book Club! Each month we'll deliver a book, a kindness activity, and a recipe straight to the doorstep of a child you love.

  5. Create these beautiful bookmarks for friends. This simple craft makes a great gift!

  6. Donate books to the local library. Select a few favorites to donate or call and ask what sort of support they would find helpful.

  7. Leave encouraging notes in library books.   Create cheery notes or drawings about why you loved the book you borrowed. The next reader will find a nice surprise when they start their story.

  8. Host a drive for Operation Paperback. Gather and send books to soldiers abroad. Since 1999 this organization has shipped over 1.9 million books worldwide. Consider inviting holiday guests to bring donations to your next gathering!