Do What You Can


This weekend, my family spent a time together as philanthropists. We identified spending priorities. We figured out what we could afford to give. Ultimately, we cast votes to allocate our spending. I must say, we should send our big-hearted kids, yours and mine, to Washington sooner rather than later. They may sort a few things out! Seriously, we did enjoy our morning as family philanthropists.  Donating time is more of  challenge these days than donating a bit of treasure. After spending time  on The Global Rich List, our responsibility to make charitable contributions became even more apparent.

Visit The Global Rich List with your family.

First ask your children what they think "rich" looks like.

My own daughters tossed out maids, butlers, limousines, and gold dollar signs worn on chains. I have to admit to sharing their stereotypes. Though I feel incredibly fortunate, the word rich does not come into my thoughts often.

Then, simply enter your currency and approximate annual income into the site and scroll down for some incredible, animated information.

The results are really educational, and they helped set the perfect tone for our family's conversation about charitable donations.

Become your own family foundation
Become your own family foundation

Become Your One Small Family Foundation.

This is the second year we've taken charitable contributions so seriously. We spent time talking with the kids about what types of problems we want our donations to help solve. We didn't get into the details of which specific organization we would chose - my partner and I wanted dibs on that job. We did let them choose where a portion of the money would be spent.

Next week, we plan to spend time brainstorming ways we can do good together  on each of  the issues we contributed to: local hunger, homelessness, environmental protection, and international human rights. I'll let you know how that conversation goes.

How have you brought up the idea of charitable donations with your children?