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I Disagree! 7 Civil Conversation Skills for Kids, Teens, and Families

In this age of divisiveness, disturbing headlines, and excessive devices, strong communication skills are more important than ever. Let's make time to practice these skills as a family. Here we offer 7 skills your family can begin practicing right now.

Grow Your Tribe: 6 Fun Ways to Expand Your Social Circle, Teach Empathy, and Unlearn Prejudice

Finding our tribe is good for our health. It's good for our jobs. It helps us live longer. But do our tribes limit our social experiences? We need to intentionally throw open the gates to new friendships and new social experiences if we’re going to expand our cultural boundaries and unlearn the prejudice that's unraveling our country.

On Mindfulness: Nine Tools for a More Grateful, Peaceful, and Connected Family Life

Unless we adopt healthy, intentional habits in our everyday family life, our best efforts at mindfulness will wind up like so many other things on our check lists: multi-tasked into meaninglessness, plowed through quickly, and crossed off before our goal is reached.

The Wisdom of Kindness: 10 Life Lessons Children Learn by Doing Good

Helping others is reward enough. Yet an intentional family practice of kindness and volunteering teaches lessons that will last a lifetime.

How to Change the World with a Book Your Tween Refuses to Read

The right book can do more than transport and entertain its readers. Powerful stories spark empathy for people we've never met. They inspire us to take action, to right injustices, or even simply to reach out to those around us. So how do you inspire your older child to put down the latest goofy series or dystopian saga and pick up a book full of big ideas?