Take the #30Days of Kindness Challenge with your Family!

It’s go time! Take just a few minutes to print our #30Days of Kindness Printable and you’ll be set for a month of meaningful family moments.

Whether your goal is to kickstart a habit of daily kindness or to find unique ways to connect as a family during the busy back-to-school season, this challenge will do the trick.

As a lady who often lags behind – and eventually abandons – the many challenges floating around these days, let me share a few words of wisdom:

1. Did you miss a day? No problem! Start again tomorrow.

2. Does today’s challenge seem too complicated/awkward/outside your child’s interest? No problem! Simply skip to one that suites you better and do it twice.

3. Does your schedule feel crushingly, soul-suckingly packed? Give yourself a break! Commit to a single week. Or give yourself until the holiday break to complete all 30.

The goal is guilt-free, happy-family acts of kindness. Do whatever you can to get there.

Visit our new #30Days of Kindness Challenge project page for all of the big-hearted details you love, including a materials list, detailed instructions, discussion questions, and more to make your #30Days of Kindness memorable and meaningful.