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One Book at a Time
One Book at a Time

Time flies... Some months faster than others. Our family's enrollment in a monthly volunteer program has kept kindness from being completely overlooked. Last fall, we enrolled in the Family-to-Family One Book at a Time Program, which connects families with kids who may not have easy access to good reading material at home. My second-grader was matched with another second-grader across the country.

This experience has been immensely rewarding. You may have seen my post about the joy this program has brought my daughter, as she selects books and other goodies to share with her book friend.

Six months in to this commitment, I have noticed another incredible benefit to being part of this program.

This, or any monthly volunteer commitment, keeps kindness on your schedule even when the calender gets over run. Our family is in the middle of a big move: new house, new school, new city, new lifestyle. It is exciting and complicated and utterly consuming.

If it weren't for the One Book at a Time Program, I'd be posting about how easy it is to lose sight of family volunteering when times are busy.

That said, I'd better go package up this month's book and letter. I'll leave you with 3 other monthly opportunities your family might enjoy.

  1. Fight Hunger with Family-to-Family: The great organization that brought us One Book At a Time, also offers a few different ways to sponsor a hungry family each month. We've provided discussion questions to help make this monthly commitment even more meaningful.
  2. Join the Box Project: Sponsor a family living in poverty in rural America by establishing a meaningful, long-term relationship and providing needed supplies.
  3. The Big-Hearted Families  Book Club: At the risk of shameless (nonprofit) self-promotion, consider participating in our own monthly book club. We offer a book with discussion questions, a recipe, and a kindness activity to help you create a fun, kindness-centered family night.  You can find our book selections right here.