Summer of Kindness: Printable Cards

OK, stop it already! The incessant march of time is supposed to slow and occasionally even halt in summer, right?

I mean, I have plans. And here we are rounding the corner on the end of June. We have an entire Bucket List worth of plans. We aren't doing too badly on the list, so far. We've successfully hosted a book swap, built bird feeders, shared treats with neighbors, started a nature journal, and left inspirational sidewalk chalk notes. We've even put some entrepreneurial philanthropic goals in motion (or, my ten-year-old has).

But somehow next week is already the 4th of July. Do you know what happens after Independence Day? That's when my family historically looks at the calendar in shock and slips into sloth mode. Any great intentions not implemented by next week will likely stay sadly on the list until next summer.

The truth is, I must learn to be less of a list maker. Maybe I'll declare July the month of small acts of kindness. We just might, once again, start the #30Days of Kindness Challenge. At the very least, I'll print the challenge, post it on the back door, and give the kids these nifty new labels to decorate.

Moms are sneaky, aren't we? We know all about incentives and chain reactions. If my little artists take the time to make their own kindness calling cards, so to speak, they'll undoubtedly go on the hunt for kind actions to accompany them. Then, when they encounter the #30Days of Kindness list, it will serve as a menu for small but meaningful things they could do right away.

I'm hoping this will create something of a free range, organic-style kindness practice. With luck, and a new set of colored pencils, perhaps we'll still be able to proudly call this the summer of kindness!

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