Why Print Our "Summer of Kindness" Bucket List?

8 reasons to print this summer bucket list right now!

So maybe the term "bucket list" makes your eyes roll.

Maybe their popularity feels contrived and designed to constrict the creativity you bring to your free time.

Or maybe your adventurous summer plans feel rather… well… robust already.

If so, I'm with you!

Wait, don’t leave!

This is the one bucket list I plan on printing and posting for my family. Trust me. It's adaptable. It's meant to mesh with your existing plans. And best of all, it's full of fun!

Last week Doing Good Together™ shared this Summer of Kindness Bucket List over on My Little Poppies . Now we’ve added a printable checklist, along with a few extra ideas, thanks to input from our Membership Circle.

What will this bucket list do for you & your family?

a printable list of compassionate ways to make this the summer of kindness!

1.  Add big heart to existing summer plans.

So many of these ideas can be rolled into plans you’ve already made, like a neighborhood barbeque, a sleep over with friends or cousins, or a garage sale.

2.  Inspire new, unique ideas for your family.

These tips will serve as starting point, a launch pad to help your family brainstorm your own unique ideas (notice the many blank spaces).

3. Serve as a creative menu of options.

Here's the key message. This isn’t really a bucket list. It’s a menu. It's multiple choice, not a guilt-ridden pile of must-do’s.

4.  Put kindness on your summer calendar.

Let’s face it, we all have loads of good intentions throughout the school year. But time is tight, and obligations tend to compound. This fun list will make summer acts of kindness as simple as whipping up a pitcher of lemonade.

Need more reasons? We've got 'em! 

You’ll find four more reasons on the post we’ve shared with My Little Poppies, including wonderful insight for homeschoolers, unschoolers, and any parent who loves to learn with his or her children all summer long.