September Resolutions

Kickstart a Habit of Kindness

Take the #30Days Kindness Challenge from the Big-Hearted Families Program of

Fall is the best season to make new resolutions. As parents of school children, we are already guiding everyone into a brand new routine.

What better time to reform old habits and kickstart a better one?

After a summer of going with the flow, my partner, my kids, and I are all craving the consistency of a schedule.

The kids’ back-to-school enthusiasm has put us all in the mood to reorganize and reorient our priorities. Suddenly the shoes scattered by the front door are back in their kid-specific bins, and the kids themselves are negotiating school-year chores (and allowances).

Then then there’s that delicious (cinnamon-apple flavored?) sense in the air that this year is going to be the best year EVER!

You’re with me, right?

Okay, quick, before scurrying to soccer practice and harping on homework makes us jaded once again, let’s resolve to live our values this school year.

Join my family and take the new 30 Days of Kindness Challenge!

We’ve laid out 30 simple tasks that make it easy to kickstart a kindness habit that just might stick around long after the new school clothes have acquired their first grass stains.

Follow us on Facebook and Join the #30Days Of Kindness Event to take the challenge with me and my family.

And if 30 days sounds a tad overwhelming, you can either remind yourself that it takes 21 days to establish a new habit or be kind to yourself and commit your family to a week instead.

I’ll be sharing my family’s experience with the challenge, and I’m looking forward to hearing your stories too!

This is going to be the Kindest. Year. EVER!