Big-Hearted Boredom Busters

Big-Hearted Boredom Busters

We've all seen the posts floating around social media reminding us to treasure the joys of unscheduled, delightfully free summers.

In fact, I personally am counting down the days (2) until the last scheduled summer camp ends and our good, old-fashioned summer vacation can begin in earnest. For those of us who spend perhaps a bit too much time thinking up ways to create an entertaining summer wonderland in our own backyards, the reminder to allow for boredom, self-exploration, and simple, spontaneous fun is a helpful one.

And yet….

Who isn’t averse to the bickering and the whining that pops up before the kids have discovered their own, self-defined best summer ever.

The solution?

A menu of ideas. A brief dip into Pinterest will reveal dozens of amazing summer bucket lists. Print your favorite and stick it on the fridge to enliven dull moments.

Even better? Put your summer bucket list right next to our Big-Hearted Boredom Buster. Print the graphic below and keep a menu of simple kindness ideas at the ready.

Join my family and make this the kindest summer ever!

Big-Hearted Boredom Busters from the Big-Hearted Families program of