How to Change the World with the Kindness of Storytelling

How to chage the world with the kindness of storytelling

Stories matter.

The stories we tell and the stories we hear change our perception of the world.

Headline news, of course, shapes our understanding of the world’s trajectory.

We’re learning more and more that our choice of news media can give us a very different idea of the world. Check out this fascinating piece by the Wall Street Journal, Red Feed, Blue Feed for an astonishing comparison of the stories Facebook presents depending on the bias implied by your profile.

Biased news sources tend to instill excessive fear of an uncontrollable, chaotic world, though the specific sources of the chaos change depending on the side of the political spectrum you tend to fall on.

The personal stories we hear and share matter too.

The stories we swap with each other – in person, on social media, wherever – shape our view of what’s normal.

According to Psychology Today, “Stories allow us to understand ourselves better and to find our commonality with others.”

Commonality with others.

More than ever, we need to actively seek out our commonality with others. We need to share stories that showcase the kindness, compassion, and good we – your families and mine – are sharing, receiving, and celebrating every day.

I know, I know. We aren’t a group prone to bragging.

Time and again our member families share their amazing acts of kindness with us quietly, personally.

But these stories can shape what others understand as normal. They can adjust the tone and tenor of someone’s day. At the very least, they can lower the blood pressure of any friend overly-steeped in the political mudslinging of the day.

And sharing stories can sometimes ripple out into a tsunami of change.

Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge that took Facebook by storm a few years ago? It raised a substantial amount of donations that lead to a new breakthrough in ALS research!

Together, if we share our big-hearted stories, we can transform the tone of public conversation. Ultimately, we can change the world!

How to change the world with your big-hearted story.

We know your families are out there trying our at-home kindness projects and using our volunteer listings to work with innovative nonprofits in your community.

Each service project is a story that deserves to be shared.

Your stories of compassion and service have the power to inspire others to make a difference as part of their regular family fun.

So share your experiences in whatever way feels most comfortable. Here are some ideas.

Share on social media.

Share your GOOD STORY and read the stories of others.

Share your GOOD STORY and read the stories of others.

If you’re looking to read and share stories that normalize kindness, this is the simplest place to start

A simple update on your favorite social media platform (with a shout out to #doinggoodtogether, if you think of it!) let's your friends know that doing good is part of your family life!

The more we see each other volunteering, the higher service rises on our "to-do" list.

Plus, be sure to follow and share Doing Good Together on your favorite social media platform. DGT’s Facebook feed is rich with inspiring, empowering stories of compassion and positive parenting tools. Already a fan? We've love to hear from you! Ratings and reviews of our page are welcome.

We’re also active with big ideas in Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Let us share for you.

Check out our Good Stories page for inspiration. Then add your own story to the page. You can make it anonymous if you like, and we can spread the word about the good you’re doing!

Go big with a blog.

Our long-time member and big-hearted friend, Teri recently started a blog to capture her family's acts of compassion, along with their triathlon training. Check out Project Becoming Our Best, and consider starting a blog of your own to share your stories. If your child enjoys writing or drawing, invite them to get in on the story telling and showcase their experiences as well. Rest assured, blogging platforms can be as private as you would like them to be, so don’t feel as though you have to share names, ages, or locations with the world.

Share your story with your community. 

Bring your love of helping others to your school's parent group, and suggest your school host a Family Service Fair, essentially a kindness carnival featuring a variety of fun, hands on volunteer opportunities. We make it easy to plan your event with our DIY Manual with Online Toolkit.

Share your story with each other.

If you don’t feel comfortable broadcasting your stories to the world, take time to share them with one another. Start a DIY Kindness Journal and take care to write in it weekly. Use your journal to revisit acts of kindness you’ve shared or experienced. This is a great way to remind your children that kindness is a priority for your big-hearted family.

Find a new favorite on this growing list of picture books to inspire kindness.

Find a new favorite on this growing list of picture books to inspire kindness.

Read big-hearted stories to inspire everyday acts of kindness.

Browse our extensive book lists to find a title your family will love. Or focus on our evolving list of picture books to inspire everyday acts of kindness. Your whole family will be inspired to practice compassion!

Think critically about stories you hear.

Consume news thoughtfully.

Find sources that are relatively unbiased. Look for articles that expose you to a spectrum of ideas.

Then, think critically about the stories that disagree with your world view, as well as those that support it. For more tips, check out the book Skewed: The Thinker's Guide to Media Bias by Larry Atkins

Plus, if you have older children, talk with them about bias. Ask a few questions:

  •  Why is it easier to accept stories that share facts you already believe than facts that dispute something you believe?
  • Is it a weakness to change your mind if you learn new facts that disprove something you believe?

  • How can we consume news with less bias?

And remember, sharing your big-hearted story is not boasting.

It’s are our bid to change the world.

Your story brightens a dark world and gives tired parents fresh ideas.

Whether your family shares big acts of service or quick acts of kindness, every good deed starts a ripple.

Let’s work together to grow hearts in our communities.

Let’s shower the world with big-hearted stories.


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