Happy Random Acts of Kindness Day!

Enjoy this freebie on our favorite holiday.

We had to get you something.

We're so happy to have connected with you, our big-hearted families. You do so much intentional good in your communities. We're proud to have helped you in your mission to engage your children in this big, wide world.

And your effort to establish a regular kindness practice is making a huge difference. More research emerges daily demonstrating that compassion and empathy are skills we can teach and improve upon throughout our lives.

Download your "Free Compliments" and "Kind Words" Tear-Off Posters.

Lifted straight from our September 2014 Big-Hearted Families Book Club, we're giving you these fun, tear-off kindness posters. Our book club subscribers received these, along with an amazing story, conversation starters, and some guidance to make the project as meaningful as possible. Our subscribers loved this project, so we know you will too!

  1. Print both versions.
  2. Invite kids to decorate and fill in your "Free Compliments" version.
  3. Then, hang them on a public cork board in honor of Random Acts of Kindness Day (or any day you'd like to share a kindness!). 

We're so glad you share our mission to raise a generation of kids who care and contribute!