Summer of Kindness

Little Green Thumbs: A Guide to Doing Good with the Family Garden

At Doing Good Together™ we love to find ways to make a difference, not occasionally, but regularly, as part of the hobbies and habits we already pursue. Here are four easy ways you and your little one can make a difference with this summer's family vegetable garden and three essential reasons to make gardening your favorite family hobby!

7 Packable Projects for Road Trip Kindness

Here at Doing Good Together, we'd like to suggest one small addition to your family adventure: plan for a few intentional acts of road trip kindness.Let's teach our children that our essential values of compassion and empathy don't take a vacation. Acts of kindness are a natural part of daily life, even on the road.

A Music Lovers' Guide to Doing Good (with a Big-Hearted Playlist)

Music helps us rally and brings us together in a way few other mediums can. In spite all of its power, music has been absent from Doing Good Together's big-hearted offerings. Until now.Here are 5 projects for big-hearted music lovers.

How to Teach Kids Thoughtful Citizenship in the Midst of Mudslinging

Don't fight, we tell the kids. Speak respectfully and play fair. Yet the very people vying to lead our nation can’t seem to follow these elementary instructions. Our lessons are drowned out by their mudslinging. This week we're offering some strategies to turn this hyper-political climate into a learning opportunity.